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What's in Your Pack?

Printable "What's In My Pack (Pro Tips)" from the City of Scottsdale (Nov 2023).

Preparation Prior to the Hike - Read the hike description, study maps and plan your route. Assess appropriateness of hike for you and your hiking partners. Tell someone and leave written information about where you are hiking and when you expect to return. Have a plan of action when things donʼt go as expected.

Clothing - be sure itʼs appropriate for your hike and unexpected weather changes; Hat and sunglasses polyester clothing dries fast (best for winter); cotton clothing will not (best for summer) Long sleeve shirt and long or zip-off pants - protective against sun and prickly plants.

Sturdy boots or trail shoes with good tread suitable for rocky and unstable terrain.

  • Hiking poles (see Why Use Hiking Poles).

  • Carry rain gear or poncho regardless of weather forecast.

  • Consider carrying extra layer of clothing and warm hat/gloves.



  1. Map and Compass/GPS - don't forget extra batteries!

  2. Cell Phone - Wallet - Identification and Emergency Information.

  3. Water - more than you think you need - and more than your dog needs WHEN HALF YOUR WATER IS GONE, HALF YOUR HIKE IS OVER.

  4. Food - more than you think you need, pack or use electrolytes.

  5. First Aid Kit - antibiotic cream, antihistamine, ibuprofen, antiseptic wipes, plastic gloves, scissors, tape, gauze pads, bandaids, triangular bandage, 4 large safety pins and DUCT TAPE. (NOT AN ALL INCLUSIVE LIST).

  6. Comb & tweezers or pliers to remove cactus spines.

  7. Safety Items - Flashlight/headlamp, whistle (3-short bursts), matches, signal mirror.

  8. Knife or multi-purpose tool.

  9. Hat, Sunglasses and sunscreen.

  10. Rain gear or poncho + extra clothing.



  1. Camera

  2. Toilet Paper in plastic bag (pack it out!)

  3. Handiwipes or hand cleaner

  4. Plastic bag - pick up trash on trail!

  5. Pencil and paper

  6. Emergency space/survival blanket or two plastic bags

  7. Iodine Tablets or Water Purifier

  8. Extra Shoe Lace

  9. Yellow/Orange Tape (to mark unclear turn in trail - remove on return)

  10. Emergency locator device such as SPOT

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