The SCFH is a 501(c)(3) non-profit established to protect and promote the McDowell Mountain Preserve, Botanical Gardens and Lake Overlook Trail.  Its work is supported by contributions and gifts from individuals, corporations, and other non-profit organizations.  It is independent of the Town of Fountain Hills and receives no tax support.

The Fountain Hills Preserve provides 824 acres of open space along the eastern side of the McDowell Mountains.  Adjacent to the southern, western, and northern borders of the preserve are Scottsdale's McDowell Sonoran Preserve and Maricopa County's McDowell Mountain Regional Park.  Together, these three areas provide a total of over 52,000 acres of contiguous Sonoran desert with limited and shared trail access.  This total area is crucial for native wildlife preservation.

The primary objectives of the Conservancy as they relate to the McDowell Mountain Preserve, Botanical Gardens and Lake Overlook Trail are to:

  • support the Town's operational and maintenance priorities of each

  • provide recreational opportunities to enjoy these natural assets

  • provide educational opportunities to promote the value of these natural assets

  • advocate and take appropriate action to minimize any impact to the Town's natural resources

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The Sonoran Conservancy of Fountain Hills
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