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Fountain Hills Town Ordinance, Section 9-5-3, General Preserve Regulations


The following are prohibited within the Preserve:

A. Accessing the Preserve by leaving a trail or trailhead.  All Preserve visitors shall stay on authorized trails and within trailheads, unless approved by the Director of Community Development.

B. Accessing the Preserve outside the posted hours of operation, unless approved by the Director of Community Development.

C. Alcoholic beverages.

D. Camping.

E. Carrying or using any type of glass or ceramic container.

F. Creating, developing or using any type of spider trail.

G. Destroying any barriers, signs or other Town property.

H. Destroying, damaging or removing any vegetative or mineral resource, including, but not limited to any trees, shrub, wildflower, cactus or rock outcropping.

I. Dogs are prohibited unless on a 6 foot maximum lease at all times, and must remain on trails.

J. Horses.

K. Hunting, trapping or otherwise harming or harassing the wildlife.

L. Littering or depositing garbage, trash, refuse or other obnoxious material anywhere other than in specific Town provided containers available for that purpose.

M. Setting or igniting any type of fire.

N. Smoking.

O. Throwing rocks or other objects into washes, including but not limited to up or down hillsides on or off trails.

P. Motorized vehicles (including e-bikes), except authorized maintenance and emergency vehicles.

Q. Using or discharging any firearm, slingshot or other weapon (excluding bow and arrow).

R. Geocaching, except within 3 feet of any trail.

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