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Invasive Plants:
Buffelgrass, Fountain Grass & Red Brome

The Sonoran Conservancy of Fountain Hills has committed to removing Globe Chamomile aka Stinknet from the McDowell Mountain Preserve, Desert Botanical Garden in Fountain Hills and Lake Overlook Trail in a effort to curtail the spread of this non-native invasive plant.  We recommend Fountain Hills residents take an active roll to remove this hazardous plant in your neighborhoods.





YOUR help is needed!

Help protect your community against the rapid spread of Globe Chamomile aka Stinknet, a non-native invasive plant that spreads quickly and, once dry, becomes a fire risk. Stinknet is already present on our streets, roads, parks and washes. With vigilance and a collective effort it can be contained.

How Can You Help?

Walk YOUR neighborhood and Pull the plant NOW

It is very important to pull the plant before it goes to seed. That time is now. The most important thing is to get the pretty, yellow flower head where the seeds are in addition to the roots. It’s the vast number of seeds (up to 100 per flower) that causes rapid spread. Place the entire plant in a trash bag. Bring bags home to avoid overstuffing garbage bins. If flower heads drop while you’re pulling, cover them with a rock to prevent wind carry.


Wear long sleeves, long pants and gloves with fingers because the smell lingers on your hands and may be a skin irritant. Consider a mask and a pole or stick in case you can’t see exactly where you place your hand or foot.

Educate YOURSELF and protect YOUR neighborhood

Stinknet has become the most significant concern due to its ability to spread quickly and crowd out native vegetation. Read the information in the links below.

Globe Chamomile.jpeg
Help spread the word (not the plant)

Take a photo of yourself pulling Stinknet, mention the location or street, your name(s)  (all optional ), send to us at and we’ll share it on our Website, Newsletter and Facebook. 

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