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Pics of the 2016/2017 trail blazing season!

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A new trail links Scottsdale and Fountain Hills preserves!

View the new trail pictures here.
Read theArizona Republic Article here.


McDowell Mountain Park - Find a list of programs available in the park, their weekly hike schedule, plus LOTS more.
Click images below for larger views taken on their "Friday Fitness" hikes.


This message is primarily for those folks that hike out of Fountain Hills and Scottsdale. Adero Canyon is now officially closed to access. It has been used as a short cut for folks trying to save some miles when hiking into the Fountain Hills preserve from either Scottsdale or the Golden Eagle Trailhead. Folks exit or enter at the end of Eagle Ridge going by Copperwind or thru Hidden Hills which is a nice short cut back to the Sunrise Trailhead. The canyon is going to be developed and fences are now being erected. The closure period is likely at least 2 years. By the time, it reopens we will hopefully have a trailhead in place with vehicle access for the Fountain Hills preserve - let's hope its sooner rather than later!

Our Trail Blazers receive Outstanding Community Service award!!!

Excerpt from March 21, 2016 letter from Volunteer Coordinator, Heather Ware to Bill Craig:

Many congratulations Bill and crew! You and the other Trail Builders have accomplished hundreds of hours of work on the Preserve and various trails through the years. The work is arduous and without fancy equipment of larger cities and yet you and the team of volunteers have managed to maintain the Lake Overlook Trail, the Andrews/Kinsey trail, the Western Loop Trail, the Sonoron Trail, and even managed to create a helicopter emergency landing zone on the Andrews/Kinsey trail.

The systematic approach to building the trails, along with the difficult labor involved and amount of time is extraordinary! The generority of time, sweat equity and labor has left a great mark in the Fountain Hills Community for years to come. Enhancing the hiking experience for visitors and residents alike is a noble cause and will benefit thousands now and in the future. You continue to demonstrate what a small group of thoughtful and committed residents can accomplish together. Congratulations all!


We would like to pass on news & events that may be of interest to you. Your conservancy has been very busy and we want to be sure you have the latest information.
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